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Laholm / 2020
SEEING THROUGH YOU - An online exhibition series.
Exhibition One: A cloud in a box, curated by Terry R. Myers - Fort Gansevoort. Online / 2020
Intermezzo - Svartbok - Galleri Magnus Karlsson, 26.3 - 2.5 2020. Stockholm / 2020
Stockholm Calling, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Asia House, London, England 2018.
Chart Art Fair, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Copenhagen, Denmark 2018.
Bloomsbury Spirit, You & Me. Artipelag, Sweden, 2018.
Crepuscular Tales. Galleri Magnus Karlsson. Stockholm 2017.
To an Unknown Descendant. Galleri Magnus Karlsson. Stockholm 2015.
Time Waits for us. Galleri Magnus Karlsson. Stockholm 2013.
Time Waits for us - Installation view Tourists - Time Waits for us        
Imagination of the Heart. Galleri Magnus Karlsson. Stockholm 2012.
Installation view Installation View Installation view Installation view Installation view Installation view
Installation view Installation view Installation view Installation view Travelouge At war
The giant Ritual of the savages Old hollow From beyond Ports of entry Lost in the great undertow
Grand ocean Crackpot The cannibal Odd one in Haunted holiday Dead mans gulch
Down beat Subterranean Mothership Riding home Saturn return The Excursion party
Busy sun Short of heaven Pathway Chiefs Beachcomber Mansion of the moon
Ufo barbecue Hard work The Poet House of dreams Love in a mist Conqueror
En face
Today's Specials. Galleri Magnus Karlsson. Acrylic on Canvas. Stockholm 2011.
Beach bums Beach bums (Detail) Nocturnal Nocturnal (Detail)    
Star City Garden. Galleri Magnus Karlsson.Ink on paper. Stockholm 2011.
Installation View Installation View Zombie Hunch II Zombie Hunch III Zombie Hunch IV Zombie Hunch V
Zombie Hunch VI Zombie Hunch VII Zombie Hunch IX Members of the Vegetable Kingdom Into the Light of the Sun Strange Fruits
blackmagic. Galleri Magnus Karlsson. Ink and varnish on mdf. Stockholm 2010.
Witching Hour Bad Moon Ghost Laying Black Ball Shadow Forth Installation View
Installation View          
Voyage to the end of the universe. Galleri Magnus Karlsson. Acrylic on canvas. Stockholm 2009.
Galleri Magnus Karlsson. Market. Acrylic on canvas. Stockholm 2008.
VERUS PAINTERS. Acrylic on canvas. Tobey Fine Arts. 2007
Photo: Shinsuke Aso
Drawing down the Moon. Acrylic, vinyl on Canvas. Tobey Fine Arts 2006.
Photo: Shinsuke Aso
Phallus... Vagina... Tomb. Acrylic, Vinyl on Canvas. Tobey Fine Arts 2005.
Photo: Shinsuke Aso

Tropismer / Tropisms. Vinyl on canvas. 210 x 200 cm. Botkyrka konsthall 2004 (Selected).
Photo: Carl Abrahamsson
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