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Osculum Infame
February 20 - March 22, 2003

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12 to 6 pm
Reception: Thursday, February 20, 6 - 8 pm

Beginning February 20, Tobey Fine Arts is pleased to present Osculum Infame, an exhibition of works by Swedish artist Peter Köhler. This will be his first one-person show in the United States.

The exhibition will feature dozens of small paintings on paper that invite visitors into a world immersed in folklore, yet rich in contemporary awareness. Osculum Infame means “Kiss of Shame”, and according to Anglo-Saxon narrative tradition it describes a witch’s ritual greeting on meeting with the Devil. Mr. Köhler freely crosses the line between abstraction and figuration and these paintings give as much credence to psychological states as they do to physical reality. Mr. Köhler is very aware of the brutal yet comic nature of the world around us. He possesses a sense of the ironic that does not rely on pop cultural references but instead on timeless truths that have universal resonance. Areas that appear abstract have very concrete meaning while passages that read figuratively at first lead you to appreciate their more abstract qualities, leaving the viewer with a sense of agitation and wonder. The beauty of these works is that they present observed phenomena through a filter of their own sensibilities, giving them a vigor and freshness that transmute ordinary subjects into phantasmagoria of an entirely different kind; one revealing the myriad of alternate realities existing beneath the appearance of things.

Peter Köhler lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, and is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm.

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