Peter Köhler

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Dreams in the Abstract: Paintings 1933 - 2005

November 17 - January 7, 2006
Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 am to 6 pm

Tobey Fine Arts is very pleased to present Dreams in the Abstract: Paintings 1933 - 2005.

Promoting a dialogue about what is advanced painting, this exhibition focuses on eleven works by past masters of abstraction mixed with those of the current day. Works included are by John Andolsek, John Aslanidis, Balcomb Green, Peter Köhler, Frantisek Kupka, Andrew Roy, Karen Schifano, Kurt Schwitters, Charles Shaw, David Smith and Lorraine Williams. By nature of the length of time this exhibition encompasses, a period of over seventy-five years, it compares and contrasts the issues and concerns each artist experienced in their own era and how all of these ideas relate in the continuum of abstract painting.

Ranging from the 1930s through today, all of the paintings in this exhibition are "contemporary". Art being an inner profession, founded on its own values, it exists for its own sake. Advanced painting has always embodied revolution against the constraints of any existence as currently stands, and not only depicts but creates ideas of exploration, originality, innovation and the search for the new. The critic Harold Rosenberg described the essential dimension of art as the forms of experience embodied only in art and to which creations from all times stood witness. He stated, "By relating himself and his work to this extended dimension of art, the contemporary artist engages in a mythic vocation, in which, beyond current fashions and social and political problems, he seeks the approval of the masters." Despite major variants of time, place, age, race and gender, all of the artists in this exhibition have this fact in common.

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