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Beginning May 11, Tobey Fine Arts is pleased to present Drawing Down the Moon, an exhibition of works by Swedish artist Peter Köhler. This will be his second one-person show with the gallery.

This exhibition will feature seven large, brightly-colored canvases that move in the borderland between the surrealistically bizarre and reality. Mr. Köhler's world is one that is immersed in folklore, yet rich in contemporary awareness, leaving the viewer with a sense of agitation and wonder. In his work he freely crosses the line between abstraction and his own unique figuration, and these paintings give as much credence to interior psychological states as they do to physical reality. In these highly personal pictures he presents dramatic and atmospheric constellations evoking saga, myth, and a deeply subjective sentiment. He explains:

"Certainly there is a sense of isolation in what I do, but it easily becomes stereotyped when it is talked about. I have been affected by writers like William Burroughs and Isidore Ducasse, and in their work there is definitely a sense of isolation and an observation of the absurdities in life."

Mr. Köhler's signature style is darkly humorous as well as very Universal-circus. He is able to present observed phenomena through a filter of his own sensibilities, giving ordinary subjects a vigor and freshness that transmute them into phantasmagoria of an entirely different kind: one that reveals a myriad of alternate realities that exist beneath the appearance of things.

Peter Köhler lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, and is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, and Central Saint Martin in London, UK.

Drawing Down the Moon opens at Tobey Fine Arts at 580 Broadway on May 11 and continues through July 8, 2006. For further information on the exhibition, please call (212) 431-7878 or

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